Why Everybody Should Have an Electric Lawn Mower

Unless you have been living in an undiscovered tribe along the Amazon river for the past 15 years, you likely know the pain of paying for gasoline. We have to pay a hefty price every time we pull in to fill up our cars, not to mention extra gas when we have to mow our lawns. Thankfully there are now alternatives with new electric and hybrid cars. Also you can save a few bucks by getting an electric lawn mower.

The Benefits of An Electric Lawn Mower

Not to age myself, but I can remember when gasoline here in America was about $1 a gallon. With gas now at about $4 a gallon, fuel is a big percentage of most people’s budgets. We should do everything we can to cut back on the consumption of the high dollar energy. Using more electric machines can add money back into the budget for fun things like fishing, going to football games, or other hobbies.

The electric lawn mower has come a long way since its inception. These mowers are much more common than just a few years ago, so you are not going to be the oddball of your neighborhood when you get one yourself. These mowers are not generally as powerful as the gas powered ones, but they can get the job done on the right properties. You would not want to cut a two acre field with an electric model, but smaller home lots of about 1/4 acre are just perfect for an electric mower.

Check Out All Options!

When researching an electric mower, just check out all the options. I would prefer one that has a rechargeable battery. Ones with a cord can be a bit of a hassle, moving the cord out of the way constantly. If you have ever used a corded tool or just a water hose, you know how cords tend to get hung up on any object within 8 miles of your work area! So, a cordless electric mower is a great option!

Whichever mower you choose that does not need fuel, you will be saving some dollars for better use elsewhere. Gone are the days of filling up a lawn mower for $2. Plug and mow is the way to go. Wanna go green? Please feel free to have a look at the Top 5 Best Corded Electric Mowers or choose a cordless mower, but before buying, make sure you have read my post on the cons of electric lawn mowers as well.

As Always, Happy Mowing!

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