What Is a Walk Behind Mower?

There are several options to get a perfectly manicured lawn and one way to do it is using a walk behind mower, but what is a walk behind mower exactly? Discover the answer here and make sure to check out the Buyer´s Guide below! You would be surprised to find out all there is to know about walk behind mowers!



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What Is a Walk Behind Mower?

A walk behind mower is simply a lawn mower that you walk behind, right? This is true, but there are several different types of these machines. A mower that you do not ride on can be classified as a walk behind, to make it simple.

When most people think of this type of mower, they think of a mower that you need to push. This is just one type of walk behind lawn mower. This type involves using your own energy to push the mower forward. You are walking behind it and making it “go” with your own muscles. This is the most basic kind of walk behind lawn mower and these basic mowers are called reel mowers.

But, walk behind mowers can be gas powered or electric as well. These powered walk behind mowers do not help you with the pushing, but they do cut the grass for you. So, instead of using your power to push ánd cut, petrol or electric push mowers help with the cutting task only, the machine cuts the grass for you. Obviously, the help of the engine makes the mowing easier on your body.


Self Propelled Mower

Another type of walk behind is a self propelled mower. These mowers have a drive belt that saves you from pushing the mower as well. Now, isn´t that joyful news? You only have to guide this type machine. It is easier to operate but it is more expensive than a basic push mower. These mowers can also be electric or gas powered. If you can afford this easier version of a push mower, I suggest it. Your legs will thank you, especially on hot days.


Commercial Use

There is a bigger version of walk behind mowers as well. These machines have cutting decks ranging from 32 inches to 60 inches. They are mostly for commercial use and are built very tough. Almost all of these lawn mowers are self propelled. Some will have fixed decks while others have floating decks. This is a big difference. The fixed decks do not adjust to the terrain as well as the floating decks. This means a fixed deck will scalp a lawn more than a floating one. Floating decks are less likely to hit debris because of this. I suggest a floating deck if you can make it fit the old budget. These mowers can make you some serious money if you plan on making a run at a lawn care business.

No matter how many advancements are made in the mower world, walk behind options will always be available. Riding mowers are nice, but they are more expensive and they usually cost more to repair. Simpler walk behinds are cheaper to buy, operate, and repair. Walk behinds will always be around. They do the job in a simple way. That is all you can ask of a machine.

Walk Behind Mower Buyer´s Guide

Deck Size

Part of the decision which walk behind mower to buy, will be based on how much room you have and how many swaths you want to make across the yard. The wider the deck, the less times you need to walk back and forth to cut the whole lawn. Another factor to consider is the type of grass you have in your lawn. Remember when you seeded your lawn with tough grass that would endure harsh conditions? Wider decks tend to have more difficulty cutting tough thick grass such as Bermuda grass. If you have a finer grass, wide deck walk behinds should be fine.

Walk behind mowers come as two options, push or self-propelled. Self-propelled mowers push the machine for you. Your only job will be to steer the machine, easily done even on uneven terrain.

Power Source
You are the power source for pushing a reel mower or push powered mower. Self-propelled mowers use the engine power to push the machine across the yard. The power to operate the blades to cut the grass comes from different sources, depending upon the type of walk behind mower. Reel mowers depend on you to power the cutting blades. Push powered and self-propelled mowers are dependent upon engines to power the cutting blades.

Grass Handling
It’s time to be honest with yourself. Are you the type who is a tad obsessive about mowing the lawn every couple of days, or are you the type to leave it until it is tall enough to hide a small child? Your answer matters, because not every mower will cut through the tall grass.
Are you the type who will rake the clippings for extra exercise after you are done mowing, or are you the one who leaves a giant trail of clumped cut grass all over the lawn? If you are the latter and want to save some time and exercise, you will want a walk behind mower that has a rear bag to catch clippings.

That’s right. I said it. The word every homeowner hates. Maintenance. Everything we own requires maintenance, so does your lawn mower. The question is how often and to what extent. The material the mower is made of (steel vs. thin metal), the number of blades, the design of the wheels and other factors all determine how often the walk behind needs to be serviced.

Money. We love to hate spending it. Before you decide to just buy the least expensive machine on the market, remember to take a look at your list of needs. It will do you no good to buy a mower that cannot cut the thick Bermuda grass, or to buy an electric mower when you have no outlets near the back of your 3 acre property! The best price is the one that will buy the walk behind mower that meets your needs.

Now you know the answer to the question “What is a walk behind mower”, I bet you want to get to know the best options to choose from. If you like some recommendation on my side, please check out the Top 5 Best Lawn Mowers where you can find the winner in each category. 

If you still wonder what type of lawn mower you should buy, go over here for some quick reference points to see what lawn mower is suitable for your yard. 

For other questions & answers, make sure to check out thFAQ.

Happy Mowing!

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