Pros & Cons of a Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

When you decide to buy a new mower to take care of your lawn, one option presented is a cordless electric lawn mower. This option has its pros and cons just like any buying choice. Whether you are purchasing a lawn mower or a toupée for your bald head, there are always points and counter points.

The Pros of a Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

One big thing people look at when considering a battery powered lawn mower is the fact that they will never have to buy any gas for the machine. Unless you have been cave dwelling for the past ten years, gas is expensive and will continue to rise. So any machine that you can buy that runs on anything except gasoline is a plus when it comes to fuel savings. So, if you have any desire to be environmentally friendly, then go green with a cordless lawn mower. There is basically no pollution connected to an electric mower. That is a big difference between the gas powered variety of mowers.

Also, an electric mower produces a lot less noise than the gas version, which can be a big plus depending on your neighborhood. Oh, and no more dragging an extension cord all over the lawn, cordless mowing is definitely more user-friendly and makes mowing a lot easier and quicker.

The Cons

Now that you have theoretically saved enough on mower fuel to put Jr. through a community college, what are the cons to this electric mower?

For one, the power aspect is going to be lower than a gas powered machine. You cannot expect a battery to produce the same horsepower that a gasoline engine puts out. If you have a small yard and mow on a weekly basis, the lower power is not a huge issue. On bigger properties or ones that you mow less frequently, you will have trouble with the smaller power output.

Finding a mechanic for any mower is getting tougher nowadays. With an electric mower, that search will get a little harder. Most mower shops and shade tree mechanics are used to gas powered mowers and will not have the know-how to fix a battery powered lawn mower yet. Not every lawn is suitable for an electric mower. If you want to know if an electric lawn mower is the right choice for you, click here and check the size of your yard.

The choice is yours when it comes to a cordless push mower. You can have the newest technology and help the environment. You’ll get less noise, no gas bills and cordless mowing in return. Or you can have the power needed for bigger tasks.

Much of the decision lies the size of your property. Just make sure you consider all the factors in your buying decision when purchasing a cordless electric lawn mower. You could end up with the wrong tool for the job. You do not have time or money for that mistake.

Happy Mowing!

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