Toro Timecutter SS5000 Zero Turn Mower Review

V-Twin Hydrostatic Kawasaki 726cc engine is what helps the Toro Timecutter SS5000 Zero Turn Mower come in at number two in my top 5 list. Well, it isn’t the only reason, but an important one nonetheless. Kawasaki engines are for lawn mowers what Honda engines are for Generators – ultra-dependable. Then, there is the case of this zero turn mower boasting of a 50 inch cutting deck with total of 7 cutting positions between 4.5 inches and 1.5 inches. Choose your speed with the Smart Speed control system, decide whether to mow in leisure or get a jumpstart with the highest speed setting that cuts down mowing time by at least 25 percent as opposed to an average zero turn mower!

This Toro zero turn mower, because of its engine size and construction can also tow and hitch accessories to the rear making it the most versatile among all the best zero turn mowers. Other notable mentions of this Toro zero turn mower include a 3 gallon gas tank and 10 gauge steel frame.

Product Info:

  • Riding Lawn Mower
  • Zero Turn Mower
  • 726cc 23 HP Kawasaki V-Twin Engine
  • hydrostatic transmission


  • 50 inch cutting deck
  • 18 Inch high-rise cushioned rider seat
  • 7 cutting positions between 1.5 – 4.5 inch
  • Auto Park Brake Assistance
  • 10 Gauge steel frame, heavy-duty construction for lasting durability
  • Weight: 580 lbs
  • 3-years warranty

Toro Timecutter 54 in. Fab Deck Zero-Turn Mower with MyRide, CARB, 75757

$4,899.99 in stock
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Last update was on: August 12, 2022 4:03 pm

Toro Timecutter 54 in. Fab Deck Zero-Turn Mower with MyRide, CARB, 75757

In-depth Review of the Toro Timecutter SS5000 Zero Turn Mower

Ease Of Use

First and foremost, I have to say these high contoured seats are just marvelous to sit for hours on end! Yeah, I never thought I would ever say this, but this has got to be the most comfortable riding mower I have ever tried out or owned. I don’t even care that the fuel line’s broken twice since I got a two-month license to try my neighbor’s Toro SS5000 out. Actually, he doesn’t stay much on his property and my agreement with him is to use his ZTR for testing for two months and in return manage lawn care and landscaping of his property for the duration of his absence. Best deal I ever made!

This zero turn mower unfortunately does need a bit more maintenance than usually, but it can be overlooked with regards to its designed and the ease with which it transforms from a Zero Turn Mower into a tractor! Yes, you read right. This Toro zero turn mower with its Kawasaki 23 HP engine can actually tow accessories behind and manage inclinations of more than 10 degrees, but not as much as a lawn tractor can. Changing speed, starting the engine and such trivial activities are intuitive if not simple. It took me a few minutes, browsing through the included manual to get started. Besides, the cabby portion with all the sticks, levers and whatnot actually has plenty of stickers with information plastered across it.

Cut Quality

Be it tough grass such as Zoysia or Bermuda, the Toro TimeCutter SS5000 does not quiver even a bit. I deliberately let my neighbor’s lawn go unkempt for over three weeks to try this ZTR against 7 inch Bermuda grass. The end result, is a supremely even and good looking cut. Oh! And, cut quality does not change with wet grass or on mulching.

Height Adjustment

A simple lever controls the height adjustments that is conveniently positioned near the rider’s seat. You get a total of 7 positions each ranging between 1.5 to 4.5 inches, which is more than ample for any kind of property.

Motor Power

Maintenance23 HP Kawasaki engine V-Twin, need I say anymore? This engine does make a little more noise than what I am attuned with ZTRs, but it does pump out way more torque and plenty of speed. I did not notice any major change in engine noise, speed and torque trying to tow over 80kg of bricks in my add-on wheelbarrow that I have for a smaller ride-on I own.

The only one place where Toro riding lawn mowers tend to lose a lot of points is the amount of maintenance they demand. Other than the engine, everything else is either procured or manufactured overseas keeping cost viability in view, which in turn leads to things cracking, breaking and so forth. For starters, I advise changing out the blades asap before you even consider mulching. Try the Oregon Gator blades, they ought to fit perfectly on this mower and also produce an excellent final result. The fuel lines too tend to snap on a regular basis so keep a few spares lying around. Clean the deck when you can, don’t leave it for the end of the month cleaning ritual. Basically treat it like you would your car by checking its performance every month to ensure it stays healthy and responsive.

Cost Effectiveness

Costing nearly $3000, this Toro zero turn is actually pretty expensive, but you have to keep in mind the massive 50 inch deck size and Kawasaki engine it hides underneath. In the long run, 3 year warranty does take care of any major defect or complication with the engine or otherwise, but you will have to spend a bit more on tiny replacements and repairs when you can.

  • Overall cut quality
  • Motor Power
  • Ease of Use



  • Motor noise
  • Maintenance needed



Total Score
Would I personally purchase the Toro Timecutter SS5000 Zero Turn Mower? Well, if I wanted to spend this amount of money and had enough empty space in my garden shed, I would get this SS5000 model without a doubt. I can deal with small DIY repairs, but what I can’t take is a mower that seems underpowered, poorly constructed and prone to massive damages in a matter of weeks. Luckily, this is not a zero turn mower that you need worry a lot on, it will nag you a bit, but its performance, versatility and motor power will steal your heart.
8.1Editor’s score
Ease of Use
Cut Quality
Height Adjustment
Motor Power
Cost effectiveness
8.5User’s score
Ease of Use
Cut Quality
Height Adjustment
Motor Power
Cost effectiveness

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General Info

Mower Type
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Speed Control
Electric Start
CARB Compliant

Height Settings

Height Positions
Max. Height (inch)
Min. Height (inch)

Motor Info

Engine Brand
Motor Info
23HP, 726cc
Max. Forward Speed (mph)
Max. Reverse Speed (mph)

Buyer Guarantee

  1. Bought this for 3000 dollars. Mover was replaced for belt issue after 1st cut

    Second lasted once season, about 10 cuts. After stored in garage all winter, using ethanol free gas, it quit after 30 min 1st cut in spring. Under warranty (supposedly). Bought extra warranty through Home Depot but they do not honor it

    Taken to lawn mower repair. 3 weeks wait to get evaluated. Lawn growing….

    Diagnosis is clogged carburetor needs to replaced with service required. Out 4-5 weeks, almost 400 dollars. NOT covered by warranty.

  2. I’ve been driving this mower(SS5000) 40 times per year, about 2.5 hours per cut, since 2011(11 years).

    In that time maintenance has consisted of annual oil and filters, two deck pulleys(bearing failures), a couple dozen blades, batteries, and a choke cable.

    The mower is still as good as new and works as well as the day I bought it. My only “issue” is that the blades dull very quickly. I maintain three sets of blades that I change through during a season and then sharpen them all at once. Even with a sharp blade I have shatter/fraying of the grass blades that result in a slight gray or whiteness to the top of the grass. My neighbor’s JD doesn’t do this shattering and I wonder if he ever sharpens his blade.

  3. Bought my Toro SS5000 8 years ago. After three seasons I had to repair one hydrostatic drive , repair deck hanger , replace belts, blades (origin gator mulch blades. Highly recommend) and replace grass shoot. I kept oil changed and sharpened blades once a month. I’m rough w this mower and I cut 2.25 acres twice a week and mow over a million pine cones, small sticks etc… I’m extremely pleased w toro ss5000 50” time cutter. Still cuts at 4” and does a beautiful job. Not upset with finding weak spots cause I getter done!!!

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