When to Fertilize Your Lawn?

Do you have any idea when to fertilize your lawn to get that vibrant, green lawn? Fertilizer companies may like to see a dull brown lawn so they can sell their services. But other than that, we all love a lush green stretch of grass. If you are a do it yourself, then you want to be able to fertilize your lawn and get the same results as the pros. Let us have a look and see.

The first step is to get a soil test. If you would like to skip this step, please do so….but you need to also forget about fertilizing at all. That might be a bit harsh, but a soil test will tell you what type of nutrients your lawn needs. So if you skip that test, how will you know what to add to your turf? It would be like going to the pharmacy to get medicine without seeing a doctor first.

Got the Ingredients, Now….When to Fertilize Your Lawn?


Ok, you now know what to add to your lawn to make it green as well as make your neighbors’ green with envy. So now you need to have a plan of attack. Actually there will be no gardening violence, so a simple gameplan will do! If you were only going to fertilize one time per year, spring time is the best choice. Clearly everything blooms and starts new growth in early spring. That makes adding fertilizer ideal for this season.

Mid Summer Treatment

Since you are going for lawn of the century, once per year is not enough. After the spring fertilization, then you want to do a mid summer treatment. If it is dry, you do not want to over do it and “burn” your turf. Adequate watering is needed when adding fertilizers, especially in above average temperatures.


As fall approaches, if you can peel your eyes from all the football on TV, it is time for another round of fertilizer treatment. Fall is an awesome time of year for new pants and different landscaping aspects of your property. The weather is cooler so you do not have to worry quite as much about adding too much fertilizer to the turf.

In the Winter

As the year winds down, you may think there is no need for any treatments as the cold arrives. However, adding some nutrients to your grass will ready it for the cold and prime it for the spring time when it rolls back into town.

Follow my tips on when to fertilize your lawn and this time next year you will have that beautiful green yard you´ve ever dreamed of! Look for some posts coming soon to show you some quick tips on how not to mess up simple fertilizing. Don´t forget to make an annual lawn care schedule as well.

Happy Fertilizing, Happy Mowing!

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