Lawn Care Schedule-Do’s and Don’ts

You could spend hours setting up a detailed lawn care schedule. Believe me, I have spent those hours and then some. Over the years I’ve set up proper lawn care calendars for many of my clients. These customers knew the importance of keeping a regular schedule to make their lawn look its very best. I will give you some basics to save you time and effort.


Basic Yearly Lawn Care Schedule

The easiest way to maintain anything is to have a set time to do individual tasks. Car oil changes are done about every 3000 miles on cars if you want the engine to last. Laundry is done every few days instead of once per month, unless you like running around naked. A lawn needs certain tasks done on a regular basis in order for it to thrive.

A lawn care schedule is easy to set up. The basics are simple. Don’t let yourself get behind on any one task. It is easy to procrastinate but it will just cause you more work in the long run. In the winter time, stay on top of any limbs or leaves that may end up on your turf. If you do not, they can mat down the grass and hurt the growth come spring.


What You Should Do in the Spring

When spring does roll around, that is a great time to get a soil test and do your fertilizing. Also it is time to put out some fire ant control and other insect treatments. If you wait too long those little devils will take over a lawn….might even try a hostile takeover of your garage! Aeration is another great thing to help get your grass in tip top shape.



The summer time is time to cookout and enjoy the awesome weather. Don’t get too relaxed though and forget to add extra water to the lawn for the hot months. Some fertilizer will be needed to keep the green grass…..well green. When adding any plants in the hot weather, be sure to get ones that can withstand the summer heat.

Here´s a great video with some handy “Summertime” lawn care tips from Black & Decker. And no, it´s NOT a commercial video, you will find REAL tips here:)