When Is the Best Time to Reseed Your Lawn?

Now is the best time to reseed your lawn, don’t delay! I guess I should preface that statement with concern to when you are reading this post. I don’t think most people are reading this the second it goes live on the web. You could be checking us out in winter, summer, spring, or fall. I’m writing this in the early spring, but the reader’s point in time is important to consider. Let’s break down the best time to reseed your lawn. We will take into account each season.

I’ll Start with Winter Time.

 reseeding lawn

This is a great time to…..watch TV in the warm house you occupy. It isn’t the best time to reseed your lawn. I don’t think I have to tell you that. It’s common sense for most folks, but I’d rather let it be known and not assume anything when it comes to lawns and mowers. Winter time is a great time to paint the inside of your house. Wait for warmer weather for outdoor projects.

What About the Summer?

summertimeSummer is the best time reseed your lawn, right now! Just kidding: The summer is a great time to…..go fishing or camping. Don’t try reseeding a lawn in the heat of June, July, or the super hot August. Summer should be spent enjoying your yard, not so much working on it. You prepare the  property in other months so summer can be spent relaxing by a fire pit at night and cooking out on the peaceful patio at supper time.

Maybe Fall?


Now we get to the better times for reseeding a yard. Fall is a great opportunity to set your lawn on the path to beauty spot of the month in your neighborhood. The temperatures are cooler, but not too cold. That puts less stress on the grass seed. The rainfall is usually just right during this time of the year also. The process of doing the work involved is easier too. Putting out grass seed and the straw to cover it is much more pleasant when it’s 70 degrees and sunny. That kind of weather is nice to work in. I can go all day long!

Spring is Definitely the Best Time to Reseed Your Lawn!

Best time to reseed your lawn

Now for the absolute best time to reseed your lawn. Fall is a close second on the list with summer and winter being way back in the field. Spring is at number one. The temps are cool and rain isn’t an issue. Everything is blooming in the spring time. It is natural for grass seeds to do well just like every other plant. You do want to make sure that you don’t get ahead of the game. If you plant that seed too early in the spring, a late frost could hurt the tender grass seeds. Plenty of wheat straw on top of the grass seeds will help prevent this problem, but not too much straw is bad. That could smother out the sunlight to the seeds. As you can see, it’s a fine line on getting the reseeding just right.

Your area may get heavy rainfall in the spring. This may be the only downside to reseeding at this time of year. Heavy rains could wash some of your seed away on slopes. If you have large areas that are on hillsides, you may want to consider putting out sod instead of seed. A big rain can wash away pounds of seed, but sod will stay put unless it’s a Noah type deal! If you do get some seed and straw washed away, just put some more seed back out asap. Not many rains are that big so you should be OK on the second application.

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Like Always, Happy Mowing!

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