How to Start a Lawn Care Business

I’ve been asked hundreds of times how to start a lawn care business. I believe I have done a good job of answering that question each time. However, I always make it a point to pose a better question. “Why” to start a lawn care business is just as important as the “how.”

Any expert with an ability to convey a message can tell a person how to do something. The why is more powerful however. If I tell you how to make a million dollars digging ditches and you hate shovels, I have wasted your time. But if you love to fix mechanical issues and seek advice from experts on how to start an engine repair business, then you are on the right track. Following your interests mixed with some know how and talent will get you further faster in business and life.

How to Start a Lawn Care Business: Inicial Thoughts

So if you hate the outdoors, there is no need for you to learn how to start a lawn care business. But if you love the sunshine and fresh air and don’t get deterred by a rainy day occasionally, then a lawn care operation may be for you. You need to be ready for hard work as well. Mowing lawns is not for the frail!

After you determine that lawn care meets some level of interest on your part, besides just money making, then we can get to the hows and details of starting up. It is simple really. You just need a bit of equipment to get going. If you are on a tight budget to begin with, you can buy a push mower only and be in business. Target tiny yards that your little mower can handle and hand out fliers to those homeowners. Do so in great numbers as you will get a response rate of only about 1 – 2%. You can start a free Facebook page to advertise your business to friends and family as well. Then encourage them to share your page with their friends. Use any social media that may reach your target clients.

Find Your Niche

Possibly you only want to do certain parts of lawn care and not even mess with mowing. That is a possibility, but your client base will need to be bigger as you are only doing specific services. Fire ant control or hedge trimming could be a niche businesses that makes you a lot of money. Most lawn care companies offer these services as a package so you will need to find a way to compete with that. I can not tell you how to be unique in that way and no one else can either. You must find your own “unique selling proposition.” Remember that last phrase. It is vital to any business’s success.

When Your Business Grows

If you are wanting to jump into the lawn care business world with both feet, then you will want bigger mowers and more equipment. The more equipment, the more help you need to hire. Mowers don’t run themselves you know! With all that equipment, you need to find lots of work also. Mowers that are not running are costing you money. It is easy to pay for the equipment as long as you have the jobs to generate income. With a bigger lawn care operation, you need to advertise much more until your name gets out there. You don’t have to break the bank, but some paid ads will be needed to gain momentum. Do quality work and do what you promise so that word of mouth takes over. At that point you can reduce your paid ads. Your happy clients will do the marketing for you.

That information is just the tip of the iceberg on how to start a lawn care business. There is plenty more to it, but that should point your weed whacker in the right direction. The main thing to do is follow your interests and just start. Planning is needed obviously. But I will take a good plan today over a great one four months from today.

Did you start your own lawn care biz recently? Feel free to share your impressions and leave me a message below.

Happy Mowing!

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