How Grass Could Look So Bad After Mowing

Some people wonder how grass could look so bad even right after a fresh mowing. Is it the lawn mower blades? Could it be the type of grass I have? Is my mower deck the issue? Am I doomed to a life of mediocre grass! Let’s not get carried away:) The truth is that it could be several things that lead to a shabby looking lawn even after you have done your best to cut it properly. You can try several different ways to see what the issue is so you can correct the problem.

The Grass Type Matters!

First of all you need to know what type of grass you have so you know how short to cut it. I am surprised how many people don’t have the slightest idea of the grass type that covers their property. But not everyone is a turf nut like myself. People often make the mistake of either cutting the grass too short and scalping it in spots, which looks bad. Or they let it get too high and then cut it only to leave clumps of grass everywhere. You have to find a happy medium. Mow often enough so you don’t have to cut too much length off the grass. That will get rid of the clumps on the turf after mowing.

BIG “No” to Dull Blades

I know how grass mowing with dull lawn mower blades can look. I have gotten behind and left blades on a mower too long for my own good. Being in a hurry on a few occasions, I have not taken the time to sharpen and change blades when I knew I should have. Dull blades are the best way to make your wife wonder if you mowed the lawn with a spoon. That is not a positive look, in case you are confused! Blades need to be sharpened every ten hours or so, depending on the conditions you are mowing in. Sandy soil can dull blades faster, as can some tougher types of grass. Buying high quality lawn mower blades is a good start. Keeping them sharpened will cut the grass properly instead of ripping the grass, which is what happens with dull blades.

Crazy Weeds

Another culprit when it comes to a shabby looking lawn, is weeds. Most grass types look good after a fresh mowing. Grass blades are uniform usually after a cutting. It is the crazy weeds that seem to pop back up after you run over them. Even super sharp blades can miss some weeds. The weeds are flimsy so they will often times lay down after a mower tire runs them over, so the blades miss them. The ugly weed will then rise back up eventually.

Maybe the Mower Deck?

It is also a possibility that your mower deck is not designed very well. Some decks are just better at discharging grass clippings. If there are clumps left on the turf after mowing, then try cleaning out from under the deck….while it is not running of course. This will help with the flow of clippings. You can spray some lubricant under the deck also. This will slow down the grass sticking to the underneath part of the deck.

Hopefully those few tips will help your lawn look better after a fresh mowing. A nice evenly cut lawn can make a property shine like a freshly washed truck.

Happy Mowing!

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