Getting Some Lawn Mower Blade Knowledge

If you own a lawn mower then you probably know a little about the basic parts. The motor is maybe the most important aspect of the mower. Without it, not much is going to happen. The lawn mower blade may be a close second in importance. The blade is constantly at work while you are mowing. You want to make sure you get the right blade when it is time for a replacement.

If you search at your local home improvement store or online, you will find tons of options for these parts. There are mulching blades, high lift ones, tooth-finned blades, etc. These different options are available for the various grass types that homeowners have all over the country. One blade is best suited for Fescue. While other types are more suitable for Bermuda grass. Some blades are best for violent movie scenes involving Billy Bob Thornton.

Best Place to Get a Lawn Mower Blade?

Amazon is of course a great place to buy anything you need, so mower blades are no exception. The giant online retailer has some of the best prices you will find. So does Homedepot. Both places offer great customer reviews, which are very helpful in choosing the right blades as well. A big box store is less likely to have as much info on their parts and their associates are not usually experts on all blade types. However, a small mower shop will be able to tell you all the information you need. You will pay a higher price there though.

Some Tips for Longer Lasting Mower Blades

A major factor in making a blade last longer is the thickness of the metal. Thinner blades will wear out faster. They also do not do as well when they inevitably hit rocks or other hard debris. Thicker metal will cost you more initially, but they will outlast the cheaper thinner blades. It is undoubtedly a good idea to clear your yard of any rocks or sticks before mowing. But it seems as though you can never be rid of the darn things for good.

Making sure you do not cut the grass too low will extend the blade life also. Mower blades are not cheap, so you want to make them last as long as possible. Proper sharpening of the blades is important also. I will post some sharpening tips in the very near future.

How to Change the Lawn Mower Blades?

Instructions for Walk Behinds

Not everybody knows how to change the blades of a walk behind mower. No to worry though: On Youtube I found this great instruction video. I hope it makes your lawn mower blade maintenance a little easier! Give me a few days and I will publish an instruction video on riding mowers as well. Stay tuned!


Riding Mower Owners: Check Your Video HERE:

Here’s the instruction video for riding lawn mowers. It’s a little bit more complicated, but I am sure you can manage the lawn mower blade maintenance without any difficulties after watching this video. Your grass will be delighted to be cut with sharp blades and in return for all your effort,  it will look very well manicured!

I hope you like these instruction videos on how to change a lawn mower blade. If you get stuck along in the process of trying yourself, don’t worry, just message me and I will try my very best to help you.

Like Always, Happy Mowing

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