What a Ride-On Mower Ment to Me

What is a ride-on mower to a teenager? A mower for me was a money maker as a kid. Snapper mowers were my ticket to cash to go to movies, buy nicer wheels for my first truck, and upgrade my radio in my vehicle. Don’t judge my purchases….I was a teenager you know:)

Young Mower

You´re never too young to start mowing!

Mowing lawns may not be for every young person, but for those not afraid to get their hands a bit dirty, it is a good way to make some money. It is not like you need a degree to get started. Most every human knows how to mow a lawn, even as a teenager. Obviously you don’t want a kid that is too young to handle a dangerous machine using a lawn mower. That would be ill advised, so it is up to parents to know when little “Johnny or Jenny” is ready for the job.

The great thing about young people mowing lawns for cash is the fact that they don’t need a work permit to do so. In many states, teenagers are required to have a work permit to work a part time job at a grocery store or fast food joint. A kid can mow a lawn with no piece of paper saying he is ready to do so. All he needs is a couple of customers and a mower to get going. Some motivation is helpful as well. My motivation was the items I mentioned earlier. Other kids might just want to save for college, date nights, or to just roll back into their little lawn business to make it full time when they get out of school.


What is a Ride-On Mower Earning Dollars Compared to Working Part Time for a Teen?

Scheduling is the biggest difference. My Snapper mowers were ready to work when I was ready. No mean grocery manager making me work Friday nights in my high school days! I cut the customer yards when it fit in my schedule and the clients’ needs. Most people don’t require lawn mowing at night or on the weekends. That left time for me to watch football on Saturday and Sunday as I wished. It didn’t hurt my dating schedule either. Good thing too, as I had a hard enough time on my own with the dating scene. One of the greatest things about a mowing business or any small biz, is making one’s perfect schedule. While mowing is hard work, the freedom that comes with it was worth it to me. I know many teenagers across the country would agree.

A lot of people criticize young people nowadays for what they call laziness. Sure, there are kids out there who want to lay on the couch all day and play video games. But I don’t want to lump all teenagers into the same pile. There are hardworking kids out there who are looking to make their own way in the world. They don’t want a handout and they don’t want to spend all their free time lounging around on the couch. These youngsters know that it is work that puts food on the table and new Nikes on their feet. It is not magic that makes that happen. They understand that providing helpful services like mowing lawns, fixing computers, or building websites can give them a leg up in the world.

It would be nice if we all could live our lives doing only hobbies and other leisurely activities. This is especially true for young people who deserve to have free time to find themselves. But the cold hard truth is that it takes money to do anything in this world we live in. So whether it is mowing or another service business, young people that are not afraid to sweat a few hours a week will have the cash to do what they wish.

I hope that inspires a young person somewhere to get started in a mowing business soon. America is still a great place to build a small business.

Happy Mowing for All

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