The Market for Used Lawn Mower Parts

I love new lawn equipment, but there are times when used stuff is a possibility. Used lawn mower parts are sometimes a good option. Heck, a used lawn mower battery is even worth good money nowadays! You know what I mean if you have bought a new mower battery without having the old one with you. The core charge is crazy compared to years ago.

Looking for Opportunities on Ebay

There is a huge market for used lawn mower parts including complete used mowers, trimmers, and blowers. Just browse eBay and craigslist for a snapshot of what I mean. You can find plenty of used equipment on eBay but the shipping is an obstacle many times. Shipping a push mower to you drives up the overall costs. Imagine the price of shipping a large zero turn mower! This is where big online sellers like Amazon have an advantage with newer equipment as opposed to small time used sellers online. Amazon knows how to save money on shipping so they can make up some of the cost differences on new versus used equipment.

Used Lawn Mower Parts: Look for the Right Deal!

Finding used lawn mower parts locally on sites like craigslist is not easy. You don’t have to worry about shipping costs, but buyers wanting a lawn mower battery, deck, spindle, or a fully functional mower pounce on a good deal quickly. That makes the availability of such used deals low. You have to be quick to get the best deals locally. That being said, all you have to do is learn to be quicker than the other buyers. That means setting up alerts so you will know asap when a good local deal pops up on some lawn and garden equipment. There are many apps that can alert you when you are away from you computer as well. You can outwit the other buyers by using a little tech savvy to beat them to the deals.

Simple Business

There is another side to the used mower market as well. A fellow could easily make some side income by selling used lawn equipment or parts. He or she could do so online or on local selling sites like craigslist or even Facebook yard sale pages. Sure it would take some work to get the used inventory to sell. But all businesses take work. There are not many ways to make a buck with no work involved. Well, there are a few, but you could wind up in prison, so I don’t recommend those options!

It would be a simple business to run if a guy wanted to get into it. One of the simplest ways to earn money is to “buy for a dollar and sell for two”. It is an old Jim Rohn adage and I love it. For instance you could buy an old lawn tractor with four flat tires and fix it up a bit for a profit. All you would need to do is find a deal on four good tires to put on the mower. Then just add on to the cost of buying the mower and the added tires. The key is to buy low and sell high. You actually make your money when you buy the equipment, not when you sell. That may sound counter intuitive, but it is true. Once you find a good used mower or blower at a super low price, the hard part is over. Selling it at a profit is much easier. And by the way, you are doing a favor to all involved. You help the original seller since all they want is to get rid of their old equipment. You help yourself by making some cash. Then you help the buyer of the machine you fixed up, by selling them something that they need.

Do NOT Make These Mistakes!

Not every used lawn mower part is suitable to put into your mower. There are parts you should definitely buy new elsewise you will screw up your own mower. I have written a handy Guideline for rotary lawn mower parts in which I explain exactly what parts you should buy new and what parts you could get second-hand. Make sure you check it out!


I have bought many used lawn mower parts related to lawn care over the years, but to be honest, I love new equipment. Shiny new toys….I mean tools, are great to use to enhance a property. But there is a time and place for used lawn equipment. Maybe you could take advantage of that side market. Oh, and if you really cannot find the used lawn mower part that you are looking for, you could consider buying a new part as well, they are often cheaper than you might think!

As Always, Happy Mowing!

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