My 5 Best Kept Lawn Doctor Secrets

I am not a lawn doctor, nor do I play one on TV. If HGTV calls, I am willing to take on the role though. I do however have some insight into some ways to get a perfect green lawn. I have years of experience working in the landscaping industry and lawn maintenance. In that amount of time I have learned quite a bit about grass and the best ways to have a perfect yard.

So let me scrub up and put my surgical mask on as I let you in on some secrets of how to operate on your own lawn. It is not brain surgery, just some basic tips to help your precious lawn look its best.

If I Were a Lawn Doctor, Here Is What I Would Prescribe:

Tip 1

Get a soil test before adding fertilizers or weed control products. A doctor wouldn’t give a patient just any medicine without doing some tests first to see what the issue is with them. The same goes for your lawn. See what is missing so you can make the correct fertilizer purchases.

Tip 2

Give up on some parts of your lawn. There is no saving these areas that get no sunlight, have heavy foot traffic, or are hit with much erosion. Do different landscape features in these areas, and focus your grass greening efforts on the sections more conducive to growing great grass.

Tip 3

Water properly. You need to have a watering plan set up to stay on course. If you have automatic sprinklers then you have it made. If manually watering, then just use a google calendar or similar phone app to plan your watering. Water early in the morning as opposed to the heat of the day when much of the H2O will evaporate

Tip 4

Cut low hanging tree limbs. This will let the much needed sunlight hit the grass. No light, no grass.

Tip 5

Set your mower to the correct mowing height. Different grasses do their best when left at the right length. You may even have different grass in your front yard than what is in the back. Each grass needs your full attention. Do no treat them all the same, they are not!

That´s it for now! More great articles are on the way and before you know it you will be a great lawn doctor yourself!

Enjoy Mowing!

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