Is a Commercial Lawn Mower Worth the Money?

If you have compared prices between a regular consumer mower and a commercial lawn mower, you may have gotten sticker shock. Commercial mowers do cost considerably more than the homeowner versions. The reason being is the durability of the commercial equipment is better than consumer models. And for good reason too! Guys who mow for the public are known to be rough on their lawn mowers.

A Commercial Lawn Mower Is Not Always Needed!

If you are buying a mower for your personal lawn, then a commercial mower is not needed the majority of the time. Unless you own a ranch-like piece of land with double digit acreage, you don’t need to spend the extra money on the tougher mowers. A more reasonably priced consumer lawn mower will be just fine for your needs.

Differences between Commercial Mower and Residencial

If you are starting a lawn care business then I certainly recommend a commercial lawn mower. You can get by with a slower, less powerful piece of equipment for a while, but eventually you will wish you had bought the better mower first. Using a lawn mower once a week is a different issue than using one for eight to ten hours daily in a lawn mowing operation. You need your main piece of equipment to hold up under extreme conditions and heavy use. A homeowner model just isn’t made to do commercial mowing day in and day out.

Of course there are a few major differences in a commercial mower and a consumer model.

  • The warranty is longer on a commercial machine typically for one.
  • The spindles are more heavy duty as are the wheels and tires.
  • The engines are usually made by the same major manufacturers, but the horsepower is higher on commercial options.

I hope that makes your buying decision easier when it comes to a commercial or consumer mower. How you plan to use it will determine your best bet. You need the right mower for the right job, or jobs in the case of commercial work.

Like Always, Happy Mowing!

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