Guideline for Rotary Lawn Mower Parts

The bad news is: every now and then you need replacement parts for your mower. The good news is that rotary lawn mower parts are widely available, both new and used. That means that if you have the most common form of a mower, a rotary, then you can find a part for it as easy as pie. Not to mention that you can find a replacement part for a really good price as well.

Deciding on new or used can be an issue, so we’ll see which is best when it comes to the most common repairs needed for your machine.

As we’ve discussed before, a rotary mower is one that has a blade that turns horizontally to the ground as it cuts the lawn. A reel mower is very different in terms of the blade function and these mowers are mainly for golf courses, but can be used by homeowners. I’ll focusing on the rotary types since that is the most commonly used mower for my audience.

If this all sounds like acadabra to you then I suggest you start reading the basics here. Just choose wether you´re interested in a walk behind mower or a riding mower.


Most Common Rotary Lawn Mower Parts

Rotary Lawn Mower Parts Lawn Mower Parts


When to Use New Rotary Lawn Mower Parts?

Rotary lawn mower parts can be found on, eBay, local mower shops, and even in mower scrap yards. Some parts are best to buy new like simple spark plugs. No one in their right mind would buy a used spark plug, and most wouldn’t even sell one!

Air filters should be replaced with only new ones of course. Fuel filters and oil filters shouldn’t be reused obviously.


Second Hand Parts

Some rotary lawn mower parts can be re-used. So, that is good news. But, how to know which parts can be  recycled and thus save you some cash at the same time? Here is a Guideline:


OHV Lawn Mower Engine

An entire engine can really bail you out on a riding mower if you can locate a good used engine. There are a few reasons someone might have a good used engine for sale. Maybe the transmission went out on their mower so the engine does them no good. Maybe someone inherited a mower with dry rotted tires and dust all over it and they have no use for it. You might can buy the old thing for nearly nothing so you can then use the engine off it.

Lawn Mower Wheels

Lawn Mower Wheels

I have no idea how you can destroy a wheel on a lawn mower, but I know it happens. Whether you own a push mower or a rider, buying a used wheel should work just as good as new one.


Gas Tanks

Rotary Lawn Mower Gas Tank

Gas tanks can be recycled as well. Just be sure there are no visible holes in the tank…except where you pour in the gas of course!


Mower Seats

Lawn Mower Seat Replacement

Mower seats can be expensive if bought new. A used seat on a riding mower that has a blown engine can help you out. I had a seat destroyed by a basset hound that my wife brought home from the pound once. I was not a happy camper. A new replacement seat for that commercial mower was $700! Needless to say, I put a cushion on the chewed up seat and just dealt with it.


Mower Deck

Lawn Mower Deck

Mower decks can be bought used. I don’t think buying a used spindle is worth the effort since replacing one of those parts is a bit troublesome. Buying a used deck and replacing the whole thing which includes spindles, would be simpler and more of a time saver.

Mower Tires

Lawn Tractor Wheels


Mower tires are expensive so if you can luck up and find a couple of quality used ones then go for it. If you have had to pay for car tires recently, you know it is no cheap affair anymore. Once fuel started rising, so did tire costs. Now that fuel is cheaper, the tires are still not going to magically go down in price. Shop used if you can, but they are not easy to find. Folks are rough on tires!


New Parts

You can never go wrong buying new rotary lawn mower parts. I use to my my stuff at Sears. If they don’t work, you can usually get a refund. But, it’s important to save money on a mower when you can. So shop around for the right used rotary lawn mower parts. They are out there, but require effort to find good ones.

Where do YOU buy your rotary lawn mower parts? Any special, secret place, eh? Share it with the world! So, we can all benefit and get the greatest parts. Please, leave a message below. Thank you!

As Always, Happy Mowing!

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