How to Have the Perfect Lawn?

Unless you have the budget of Augusta National Golf Club, you will likely never have the perfect lawn. Don’t get down on yourself. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a terrific lawn though. It just will never be perfect. There will always be something you want to add to it or do better. Think of it as a work in progress always.

I would love to have a lawn that looks like a golf course. I guess I wouldn’t need the sand bunkers or the obnoxious fans yelling “in the hole!” But it would be awesome to have lush green grass on my property with no imperfections. To make that happen I would need what a golf course has, tons of workers. I don’t have stacks of cash to pay those workers so I guess that is out for now. I can either choose to do the work myself or hire it out to a pro. Also, I could do a combination of the two and only hire out parts of the lawn work that are too rigorous, like hedge trimming, and save the easy stuff like mowing, for myself.


Getting Close to a Perfect Lawn

Without a crew of turf experts like golf courses employ, you have to work with what you have at hand. You can have all your turf be weed free, as long as you use the right treatments and stay on top of it. If you hire out weed control, you have to stay on top of the service provider. If they don’t do what you expect, then try another company. It takes time though, whether you do it yourself or hire a pro. So be patient, but diligent in your efforts.


My Experience with Weed Control

I will give you a tip on what my experience has been with bigger companies that provide weed control. Many are heavy on marketing and less so on great customer service. Once they get your business they know that unless they really screw up your lawn, you will continue to pay them for years. Any problems you complain about, they have managers that are good at smoothing those issues out so you don’t drop their service. For my money, I would rather hire a smaller company with more personalized service. I like to be able to talk to the owner of businesses I deal with, not just a manager trained to put out customer fires in the form of complaints!


Some Suggestions

Mowing the lawn can make or break the level of perfection. If you mow it too low then you hurt it. Mow too infrequently and you let it get overgrown, which hurts the turf as well. You need to mow at the right height for the right type of turf. You need to mow often enough so as to only cut the recommended amount of length off each type of grass. Homework is required for mowing. Who would have thought it!

There are several other aspects to having a near perfect lawn.


The recipe for a perfect lawn is complex and is ever evolving with the weather. Do your best and that is all you can ask of yourself.

A perfect lawn may never be achieved, but striving for it will maximize the look of your lawn! Do you have a special trick to get real nice green grass? Please feel free to share your tips and leave a comment below.

Like Always, Happy Mowing!


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