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You know what I love about the internet when it comes to buying products? I can track my wife’s spending in real time:) That was a joke, in case she ever sees this post.What I truly love is the fact that I can see reviews on top rated lawn mowers and other lawn care products from people who have already bought and used the item.

These reviews are much more helpful than a manufacturers description that while helpful, is not the most unbiased opinion obviously. They want me to buy their product so they are not going to mention any negatives or comparisons to possibly superior products.

Fake Reviews

Reading over reviews of real buyers  is a big help in making the right choice without even having to go to four or five local mower shops to ask a million questions. That is a big time saver and a better overview of these mowers. Be aware though that manufacturers often pay for fake online reviews. That is why you should alwaus check if a review is written by a verified buyer. If not, the review is worthless, at least in my opinion.

Indepth Top Rated Lawn Mower Reviews Aren´t So Hard to Find

I like reviews that are in depth. When on Amazon I want to feel like I know the person who is giving a product review. A few vague pros and cons are not enough for me when I am in the market for a lawn mower or other equipment. I want to see why the reviewer liked the machine, not just the fact that it was a shiny red! Did the mower get the job done in an efficient manner? Was it good on hills? Did the cut come out looking great or did it leave a few blades of grass sticking up here and there? Did the engine provide plenty of power or did it get bogged down on thicker parts of the lawn?

All these questions I want to get answers to when I am checking out a review. As you can see, I can go deep when it comes to mower issues. I have seen enough over the years to know the right questions to ask when checking out any new piece of equipment for my landscape.

Also,  I do my own testing. Please feel free to see one of my own lawn mower reviews listed under the  Top Reviews Button in the Menu if you like to read more information on a specific lawn mower model and its overall rating!


Top rated lawn mowers can also be found being reviewed in video format. Thanks to Youtube and other similar sites, everyone can benefit from more than just dumb cat videos. There are great how to’s and video reviews of all kinds of lawn equipment, including mowers. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this is even more true with video. So I guess a proper video review is worth about ten thousand words. With video you can almost get the feel of being right there with a mower. You can hear it run, see the actual cutting, the tracks of the tires, and even tell when the motor bogs down under a heavy load. Smelling the fresh cut grass is not yet a possibility but those guys and gals over at Youtube are pretty sharp so I wouldn’t put it past them in the future:)

Shipped at Home!

A decade ago, folks would have laughed at buying a mower on the internet. Laying out hard earned money for a machine that they never got to test out was a foreign thought back in the day. But now, we can do the next best thing thanks to generous reviewers who spend some time letting the world know about their buying experience. In a matter of minutes, we can purchase a great mower from the offer of top rated lawn mowers and have it shipped right to our front door. We do have to be careful with our equipment purchases however. Our wives can check our online buying in real time as well 🙂

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