Cheap Lawn Mowers-Getting What You Pay For

I am all for finding great deals on lawn equipment, but I am not one to invest in cheap lawn mowers. Whether we are talking riding mowers or push type machines, I would rather pay for value than save a few bucks on a machine that won’t last. I have no time to be repairing a mower constantly because it is not well made. When I am ready to mow a lawn, I want to get on the mower and go at it. I don’t feel the desire to fix a flat tire, change a belt, or add oil before I get to work.

There are deals to be had when it comes to end of mowing season sales. But you don’t have to get a no-name lawn mower to save money then. If you pay attention to the sales, you can get a high end mower at a discount. That way you are saving money in the short term and you will get value in the long term as well.

Avoid No Name Machines

If you buy a cheap no-name lawn mower be ready to get rid of It quickly. Two or three years will be enough wear and tear to justify getting a new machine to do the lawn work. Like I said, that is not the way I like to go about it. I’d rather get a good piece of equipment from the start. But I realize that money is tight for many people nowadays. And the temptation is very strong to get what you can afford then do better when you can. Just be sure and try your best to get a replacement mower before the manufacturers warranty runs out.

A Used Mower

There are other options if you can’t afford the best new mower for your needs. A used machine is a good way to go oftentimes. A good used mower made by a quality manufacturer is better than a cheap new one. Some used machines with low hours can be bought at a bargain in the colder months as people get away from a lawn business or get newer equipment for themselves. The good thing about a used lawn mower is that the first owner has most likely worked any bugs out. There are sometimes bugs with new mowers just like with new cars. Also, they have paid the sales tax with their purchase and you won’t be paying that when buying from an individual in most cases.

How to Check Quality?

Check online reviews for one. You could read my lawn mower reviews listed under the Top Reviews Button in the Menu for example.  Also, Amazon and other sites have many customer reviews to help you make an informed decision. You can also ask around with your neighbors, family, and friends. If they have had a bad experience with a product, they will let you know. You may also want to chat with a couple of lawn care companies. They use mowers all day, every day. If they don’t have the knowledge about what mowers are the best and worst, then I don’t know who you would ask! These are mowing pros.

Happy mowing!

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