Awesome Lawn Care Tips to Save You Time

I will try to help out with a few lawn care tips to save you precious time as well as effort because let’s face it, 2015 is a busy time. Lawn Maintenance isn’t our first priority, as we are all so pressed for time that we can hardly breathe. And, breathing is important, believe me! With so little free time available to us, how can we possibly have the time to keep up with our lawn care efforts?

Do you cringe at the thought of mowing your lawn? Or have nightmares about pulling weeds? If so you could use a few tips to keep your sanity when it comes to lawn care. I know as well as anyone, all the pulls on our time in the modern era. I have kids, a business to run, a side hustle to operate, and a litany of other things going on. Caring for my lawn could easily get overlooked if I did not have a gameplan.

Just a Few Easy Lawn Care Tips

The most basic thing most people need to do for their lawn is to cut the grass. The biggest time saver here is to not do it. That is right, hire a service provider to do it for you. Shop around for the best quality / pricing. You may be surprised at the deal you can find. If there is no room in your budget for paying for this service, then you can take some shortcuts yourself. Make the grass areas rounded. No sharp corners. This cuts out the need for trimming around the edges. No one likes to weed whack anyway.

Use a Timer

Manual watering can eat away at your free time. Plus you will likely be watering at the wrong times of day. At the very least you can get a timer to go on your water spigot to set the watering times. This is not as good as a full sprinkler system, but it is better than you dragging a hose all over the yard.

Weed Killer

Use a good weed killer too. Pulling weeds is maybe the worst of tasks involved in lawn care. Spraying for weeds once a week will prevent the grueling weeding efforts by hand. Some of my worst experiences in lawn care have come in beds pulling up those pesky weeds. I am still bitter about it if you can’t tell.

Sharp Blades

Keep those blades sharp on your mower. Dull blades can slow your cutting down. They can also make you have to go over thick areas more than once. Sharp blades make mowing efficient. Efficient is mandatory here in 2014. How will we make time for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube if we do not become efficient in all areas of life?

I hope these lawn care tips will help you save some time to enjoy your beautiful lawn. Do you have some awesome tips or tricks yourself? Please share your experience and tell others about your great idea and leave a comment below!

As Always, Happy Mowing!

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