A Robot Lawn Mower: 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy One (Yet)

We all dream of having robots do mundane tasks for us, that’s why a robot lawn mower sounds so appealing. We would love to sip on a cold drink while Ralph The Robot cuts the grass for us. Ralph just sounds like a good name for a robotic lawn mower I guess. We already have robots in limited forms, although we don’t think of washing machines and dryers as robotic, they do manual labor that used to be done by humans.

If you are mulling over the idea of a remote control lawn mower you have come to the right place. We will have a look at some pros and cons to help you decide to take the plunge on an automatic lawn mower or stick with the old school mowers.

The Pros of a Robot Lawn Mower Are Many in Theory

You can do other tasks around the yard while “Ralph” mows your lawn automatically. Or you can even relax while the work is done. If you hate the dust of mowing then you no longer have to deal with that mess since you can be indoors while your lawn is mowed. This is a big advantage for folks with allergy issues.

Another positive for these machines is that they are mostly electrical so you don’t have to mess with gas and oil either. The main selling factor is the time savings of a remote mower. We are all very busy and any time saved is a big plus in today’s fast paced world.

Now for the 5 Cons That May Burst Your Bubble….

Set Up Time

I hate do it because I know you have visions of long naps replacing your physical efforts behind that Honda push mower. The biggest downside I have found with a robot lawn mower is installing the perimeter guide wire. This wire keeps the mower on the correct path and inside the proper area that needs mowing. Folks may think they can just buy the remote mower, come home, and flip the on switch, then they are set. Uh, no. They will have to set the perimeter wire carefully around the yard to set up the mower’s defined area. If not, the machine would just run away, never to be seen again. The wire is an invisible fence that sends an electrical signal to the robot mower to keep it on your property. Many reviews tell of six plus hours installing the wire.

Price Tag

Another major down side to a remote control lawn mower is the hefty price tag. Products that are on the cutting edge of technology and not yet mainstream take a while to become reasonably priced. If you have a big stack of cash, this is no issue. But for the average Joe or Jane, price is always a top concern.

Repair Trouble

If you have a problem with an old school mower, it isn’t hard to find someone to repair it. Have you seen many ads for robotic lawn mower specialists? Neither have I. Support from many of these fly by night manufacturers of these automatic mowers is sorely lacking also, according to many reports.

Battery Life

The battery life is not the best on many of these automatic machines either. The random patterns of mowing make them less efficient than they could be, so that means more recharging. They will head to the recharge station on their own, but there is always the possibility of an obstacle in their way. You have to always keep the yard clear of these obstacles, especially the path to the recharging station.

Safety Issues

Lastly, if you have pets or small kids, these little mowers are a tempting sight. Kids may try to play with the mowers which is dangerous of course. The same could be a problem with cats and dogs.

My Advice…

So if you are asking me if I recommend buying a robot lawn mower, I would have to vote no. They are just not ready for prime time. Are they cool? Absolutely. They have a lot of promise too. As prices drop and the technology improves, I believe these will be the mowers of the future for small patches of grass. But for now, you will have to do your own mowing or hire it out. For the average consumer, these automatic lawn mowers are too limited in their capabilities. They also have a not so easy set up that many would not want to tackle.

Do you have a robot lawn mower yourself and are you happy with the device? Or do you think your purchase was a waste of money? Feel free to share your experience and tell others leaving a comment below. Thank you!

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