Awesome Benefits of Zero Turn Mowers

It is amazing to me that manufacturers even bother producing the old school lawn tractors anymore. With the increasing popularity and superiority of zero turn mowers, I hardly see the need for the old tractor style of mowers. Who wants to tug on a steering wheel all day, when you could have the ease of pushing two levers to control the mower’s steering?

The more advanced style of mower certainly suits me better and I would think that most users would find the same results. I know price always comes into play when buying a lawn mower, but there are homeowner zero turn ration options that bring the costs more in line with the old school models. So if you need a commercial mower or just a faster mower for your own property, you are no longer left out because of the lack of options.

What are the Top Benefits of Zero Turn Mowers?

Whether you are mowing for business income or simply doing your own property, you want to get it done as fast as possible. With the more modern mower you will not waste anytime on making wide turns, hence the name zero turn radius (ZTR). With the old fashion riding mowers, each time you make a turn, you are driving over grass that you have already mowed. With each turn on a Zero Turn mower, you are continuously mowing more grass.

One of the best unknown benefits of going with the modern style machine is that it is so much easier on your body. A mower steering wheel is not the smoothest of operations. Jerking and pulling on a steering wheel is hard on the shoulders and can cause neck strain. Steering a modern type mowing machine, with two hydraulic levers, is very easy on the body. The motions are smooth and nearly effortless.

Another perk is being about to get in and out of tight spots quicker with the short turning radius. That is a time saver as well. More detailed information on ZTR you can find HERE.

A Good Tip

If you are planning on buying a new riding mower anytime soon, please at least test drive a zero turn mower. The difference between them and lawn tractors is huge and a few dollars more is going to be worth your while. If you spend more than a couple hours a month mowing grass, you especially need an easier, more efficient machine to do the work for you.

Enjoy Your Mowing!

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