3 Awesome Tips to Get the Best Lawn Grass

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, right? When you are struggling to get the best lawn grass, many people do not know what to do. There is so much information online on how to do make the grass better. Should you follow the tips you saw on a message board or just do what you heard on a gardening podcast last week? All this information just gets down right confusing…and much of it is wrong to boot!


Getting the Best Lawn Grass of Your Neigborhood

If you want to have strong grass that makes your property stand out from your neighbors, I have 3 easy tips for you. They are simple and require minimal effort on your part….key components for tips that you might actually use. Having a nice yard simply requires your attention and focus. No deep research required. No back breaking work with odd looking lawn and garden tools. Better lawn grass on its way….


Tip #1

Get a soil sample tested. That is the only way to know what your grass is missing. If you just get some fertilizer to toss around, how will you know if you are using the correct nutrients your grass is craving? These soil tests will tell you what your soil is missing so you can add it, or have a pro lawn care person to do it for you. Testing kits are available at your Cooperative Extension county office.


Tip #2

Reduce the shade that is taking away sunlight from your grass. Your lawn is the opposite of a vampire, it needs sunlight. You can make way for the sun buy cutting lower hanging limbs from trees. That will help some areas of your lawn and make your property look better. Low hanging limbs are truly an eyesore. They also get in the way of mowing.


Tip #3

You cannot just water the lawn grass when you feel like it is time. There are certain times to water you lawn that benefit the yard much more. The heat of the day is not the time, as much of the water will evaporate before getting into the soil. Early morning is a great time to get that H20 headed toward your grass. You can also over-water the yard and cause troubles such as fungus on your grass. The correct amount of water is important. Usually about 1 inch of water a week will do the trick. Use a rain gauge to keep track of both rain and your sprinkler efforts.

There you have it. If those three tips do not help you to get the best lawn grass, perhaps you should seek a desert property with lots of cacti. Just kidding. Just do a bit more research and keep reading my posts here for more tips to help you out with all things green.


Happy Mowing!


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