Snapper Riding Lawn Mower Zero Turn ZT2752 Review

Designed for power and performance, the ­Snapper Riding Lawn Mower zero turn ZT2752 is a tad bit expensive as opposed to other best zero turn mowers but if you don’t mind a bit of DIY maintenance once in a while and are willing to spend slightly more on refueling, it is an excellent garden tool to have around especially when your garden is more than 2 acres in size. It packs an OHV 27 HP 724cc Pro Series V-Twin engine that makes easy work of brush, weed and tall grass. Because of such a huge engine, it also features an Electronic Fuel Management system also called EFM that helps regulate speed, temperature, air to fuel ratio and thus improve fuel efficiency. Add to this the low seat with 5 adjustments, arm rests, cast iron anti-scalp wheels and greasable arbors, deck that floats on the turf and the ability to mulch or bag as you wish – this is truly a versatile beast among all.

Product Info:

  • Riding Lawn Mower
  • Zero turn Mower
  • OHV 27 HP V-Twin Pro Series 724cc engine


  • 52 inch cutting deck
  • Triple blade arrangement
  • Electric Fuel management
  • 7 Height Positions from 1.5 – 4.5 inch
  • Weight: 652 lbs
  • 1-year warranty

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In-Depth Snapper Riding Lawn Mower Zero Turn ZT2752 Review

Ease Of Use

The reason why I feel this Snapper mower is worth just 7 points is because while it is easy to drive and mow, it is a pain unboxing and running it the first time. I would never have learnt of such issues had it not been for a friend of mine who wanted a Snapper ZTR because of his belief that Snapper usually makes good quality home & garden tools. Anyways, he gave me a heads-up the day of the delivery and we camped out back of his house barbequing our time away waiting for the delivery. It arrived in a large box container on a truck and was promptly left in the driveway! So much for help unpacking.

A quick call to Snapper and their local dealer lets us know that they won’t send an engineer down for first time instructions like John Deere does. Silly since all large mower manufacturers understand the importance of informing customers the do’s and don’ts to ensure longevity of the machine. We got around to unpacking and found the container does not come apart, meaning you have to literally pry the front face off with whatever you have at home. We ended up breaking through the thick wood hinges and finally had the older ride-on mower hitch the ZTR out. Once out, the battery wasn’t charged so it needed immediate charging. Then onwards, the mower started up just fine and worked well. However, be careful when reversing since the drive belt setup looks a bit fragile and may snag if it faces too much tension.

Cut Quality

Good even quality is something I anyways expect from all ZTRs irrespective of their size, power or abilities. This Snapper riding lawn mower ZT2752 is no different.  The 52 inch deck size with triple blade arrangement for more fuel efficiency and better power does a rather good job. It ought to handle all grass variants, height and turf conditions with equal ease. The mower converts from bagging to mulching or side discharge, which is one of its mayor assets.

Height Adjustment

With the ability to mow at 1.5 inch and increase to a maximum of 4.5 inch, the Snapper riding lawn mower has more than enough height adjustments to offer. Besides, the lever to adjust the height isn’t on the deck rather adjacent to your seat, which is really handy.

Motor Power

27HP 724cc OVH V-Twin engine delivers awesome power, much more than a 52 inch deck size needs. Besides, I believe because of such a massive engine, it ought to hitch more than a trawler. For those of you who like some decent driving speed, this is your mower! 7 mph in forward drive and 5 mph in reverse is more than average for this mower size.

The electronic fuel management system helps maintain mileage and ensures perfect air to fuel ratio, regulated temperature and engine speeds for longevity.


While I did not come across any alarming necessity for maintenance or an indication that this snapper riding lawn mower will need some work in the near future, a quick glance at Snapper forums and communities online showed just how demanding this zero turn lawn mower is. The belt tends to snap at regular intervals and damages the fan blades in the process. My advice, keep spare belts and fan blades at arm’s length to avoid lengthy downtimes waiting for some authorized Snapper dealer to come over and fix them.

Cost Effectiveness

At over $5,000, the Snapper zero turn lawn mower ZT2752 isn’t cost effective enough. However, if you do own a large land, need a massive deck size and something easy to ride this is a perfect choice ,but do not get this if you have never before owned and maintained ride-on mowers.

  • Driving Speed
  • Cut Quality
  • Plenty of Power


  • Higher Price Tag
  • Maintenance Hungry Mower


Total Score

Expensive Price Tagged MowerAmong all zero turn lawn mowers I have reviewed up till this date, this happens to be the most expensive one. Although I believe it is a capable machine, its price tag does not convince me at all. Beware of its tendencies to breakdown in the reverse direction, take good care of it and ensure you keep a few spare parts around if you plan on getting this zero turn mower.

Ease of Use
Cut Quality
Height Adjustment
Motor Power
Cost Effectiveness

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