Remington RM3000 16-Inch Reel Mower Review

The Remington 16” Reel Push Mower is definitely amongst the cheapest, lightest and most reliable of all mechanical lawn mowers available for home owners. It yields a really neat and efficient cutting quality, thanks to its 16” deck and cutting-edge 5-blade system made of stainless steel. Built ergonomically with adjustable handles and a compact design, it’s delightfully easy to push this reel mower across your lawn for handling an overgrown patch, or providing finishing touches in specific areas. Not to forget, its noise-free and fume-free operation automatically helps you do your bit for the environment!

Product Info:

  • Walk Behind Lawn Mower
  • Reel mower


  • 16 inch cutting deck
  • Ergonomic handle
  • 9 Height positions
  • 5-blade steel
  • Weight: 28 lbs
  • 2-years warranty

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In-depth Review of the Remington RM3000 16-Inch Reel Mower

Ease of Use

If you’ve never used a reel mower earlier, you’ll almost find it impossible to believe that the Remington 16” Reel Push Mower weighs only 28 lb! Now before you assume things, it’s my duty as a landscaping professional to let you know that a reel mower is specifically meant for use as a back-up mower. Like when you notice a spot with unusually tall grass, or you need to get some mowing done on a sloping stretch where your regular motor-powered mower doesn’t maneuver well. Well, I’m glad to state that this Remington Reel Mower performs all of these jobs exceptionally well! It’s almost effortless to push it around, not only because of its lightness but also because the handles are cushioned and adjustable. Also the 10” front wheels make it really easy to tackle those tricky slopes. The down-side is that you cannot work this on wet patches, and neither can you expect it to chop off weeds. But, what’s great that you can easily drag it backwards without activating the blade system!

Cut Quality

There are no qualms about the fact that the Remington 16-inch reel mower’s cut quality is really neat. As long as your grass length is up to 4 inches, this reel mower will snip it off with great precision. The 16 inch cutting path is big enough, so it’s a big relief knowing you don’t need to tire yourself out with multiple runs. But, please remember to mow only when the grass is dry. I know of some high-powered lawn mowers that go on an impressive mowing spree even with wet grass, but this is not one of them! Also, there’ve been times when I’ve had to stop the mower because a very tall or thick grass blade or twig got stuck in the blade. It’s not been very frequent though, has probably happened twice or thrice over the last 4 months or so.

Height Adjustment

Nothing much to be very descriptive about here! The Remington 16” Reel Mower enables you to adjust the grass cutting height between 0.75 inches to 2.5 inches in 9 positions. Now that’s quite a wide range, but instead of a single lever, you have two metal tabs enclosed in plastic. Personally, I think the two levers are awesome as you can mow with different height setting on uneven terrain. However, some people might prefer a single-lever.

Cost Effectiveness

I must admit that the Remington 16-inch Reel Push Mower’s price is the most alluring of all. Of course you’ll find non-branded reel mowers and Chinese knock-offs at much lower prices. But this one happens to be from a reputed brand, comes with 2-years warranty coverage and provides great value for money. So this is a big thumbs-up from me, if cost-effectiveness is your number one priority!


Honestly, dragging a reel mower around might seem like a cakewalk in infomercials ,but it takes a great deal of work (and you really end up sweating it out, especially during summers). But it’s still worth investing in a good quality reel mower as a back-up, primarily because you don’t need to spend any time or effort towards its maintenance. No fuelling, no winterization, no breathers to prevent overheating, no battery replacement and no irritable cord de-tangling. In all these aspects, this Remington Reel Mower is a really lucrative purchase, especially since it has a long-standing 2 years warranty!

  • Dirty cheap
  • Ergonomic
  • 9 Height postions


  • Not for de-weeding
  • No grass catcher


Total Score

Dirt Cheap and Ergonomic!The Remington 16” reel push mower is definitely a worthwhile purchase on the basis of its butter-smooth portability, efficient yet eco-friendly cutting and zero maintenance dilemmas. If your turf spans up to one-third an acre max, this reel mower is a savior, eliminating the need to pull out your bulky gas mower or electric mower, every time you notice a small unruly spot!

8.1Editor’s score
Ease of Use
Cut Quality
Height Positions
Cost Effectiveness
9User’s score
Ease of Use
Cut Quality
Height Positions
Cost Effectiveness

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CARB Compliant

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