Call it my lawn mower passion if you want, but I have always had a thing for lawn mowers. Technically I have always had a thing for money too…even as a kid. So when I made my very first dollar by mowing a neighbor’s yard, that’s when I became a lawn maintenance enthusiast at age ten. Mowing was my way to earn my keep.

After a few seasons of mowing lawns as a tiny business, I started to learn more about different grass types as well as lawn mower maintenance. I needed to separate myself from the competition so I wanted to be as knowledgeable as possible. My customers always appreciated me being able to give them answers to different lawn questions they had. I wanted to be a true professional, even as a teenager.

When it was time to head to college I knew I would be taking courses related to my landscaping business. I slowly became a real expert in turf management. To go among with it, I knew I needed to be just as educated about the machines I used to manicure all these landscapes. My goal was to be as well-rounded a lawn guru as humanly possible. That may be the first time anyone has used the words “well rounded” and “lawn guru” in the same sentence!

Bill Martin - Website Owner

BillMartin-Lawn Mower Passion

I am not completely absorbed by all this lawn care stuff. I do have a family of course, a wife and three sons. I try to spend as much time with them as possible. After operating my lawn service business for a couple decades, my sons now manage it. That gives me time to share my experiences with you all. I hope my years of experience with lawn mowers and lawn care will benefit our online community.

One of my main goals with this website is to help folks find the right mower for their needs. Some people are just not familiar with all the different mowers out there. With all the options available, who could possibly know about all those choices? I plan on listing as much helpful information as possible about mowers and some general lawn tips. If you have a specific question, feel free to contact me any time.

Happy Mowing!

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